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Founded Oct 13th 2002, Cafe Atlanta (CATL) is a positively charged 100% free social activities group. Our focus is on positive social activities (networking, collaborating on positive causes, conversing, experiencing and celebrating life together ) at various locations in metro Atlanta. The name Cafe Atlanta comes from the concept of turning the city of Atlanta into our personal café by meeting in various venues and other great social environments.

Cafe Atlanta (CATL) has a diverse membership and multicultural open-mindedness is always encouraged. Locals of all races, religions, cultures, nationalities and ages are always welcome to participate.

Please view the FAQ's Page for answers to questions you may have. Or send any questions you may have to Info@CafeAtlanta.org!


- Official CATL Socials are arranged by CATL event planners and can consist of one to three gathering locations per meeting! For examples: Botanical Garden at 5:00pm, Apres Diem 7:00pm and then The Cresent Room at 10:00pm, all in one day. OR Stone Mountain hike 5:00pm, discussion at the top of the mountain 5:30 - 6:45pm and then a nearby restaurant to wind down for dinner and more mingling! Official CATL Meetings are great ways to meet new and interesting locals, socialize and network! Come and join the fun! For info on the next Official CATL Meeting visit the Calendar of Events page!

- Unofficial CATL Socials (CATL "Get togethers") are meetings arranged by CATL members. If you have any ideas for future Get Togethers post them on the CATL Message Board / Forum as soon as possible so that other members may collaborate on the planning of this idea. If you would like to attend Get Togethers check the board / forum regularly for posts related to unofficial meetings (Unofficial meetings are normally NOT accompanied by "Special Notices" from the CATL moderators so it will be up to you to stay informed on the latest Get Togethers.).

- CATL Cook Togethers are like Get Togethers but at someone's kitchen and living room space to enjoy the art of cooking while watching a voted movie or discussing a topic of choice! Participants can help in the preparing of a unique dish as a group activity and watch a movie or discuss while it is in the oven. It's a simple yet fun activity that could be bonding experience!

To host your own CATL Cook Together please email our event coordinator KolE Sanders at KolE@CafeAtlanta.org .

- CATL Chat Sessions are simply online discussions held on Yahoo! Messenger. Chat Sessions usually start at 9pm and can last to 2am! Topics can vary from creativity to philosophy! Chat Sessions are nothing like our Official Meetings offline but can be addictive as they provide a way for Atlantans to meet virtually, express and mingle online in real time!

Please visit the CATL Events Calendar for Chat Session dates and times.

- CATL Workshops are underway. There will be Spanish, Guitar and Writers workshops for CATL members in the near future so stay tuned. If you are interested in being a host/instructor for a CATL Workshop please contact us at Info@CafeAtlanta.org with information about what kind of workshop you would like host/instruct. Workshop Hosts/Instructors will receive pay and benefits for their services.


We believe that an affiliate network is essential to CATL, so we've formed a strategic partnership program. To find out more about our partnership/affiliate program please send a letter to INFO@CafeAtlanta.org describing the nature of partnership that you are interested in. Your interest in partnering with Café Atlanta (CATL) is greatly appreciated and we will respond to your info request urgently.





CATL is now over 1900 members strong! Help spread the word about our positive, diverse and FREE community.


CATL Hosts and Hostesses needed as our new Events Calendar expands!
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