Cafe Atlanta F.A.Q's
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Q: What is Café Atlanta (CATL)?

A: In a nut shell Café Atlanta is a collective of local intellectuals and artists who are interested in socializing (networking, collaborating, discussing, and other fun ativities) at various venues in metro Atlanta. To learn more about Cafe Atlanta (CATL) visit our "About" page.

About Cafe Atlanta

Q: Is Café Atlanta a singles group?

A: No. Café Atlanta is a social group where you COULD meet that special someone but singles is never the focus as there are many couples who come to our meetings as well as singles. Dating amongst members is not uncommon, its just not the focus of our collective. Members who come to our events expecting a single’s bar like atmosphere will be disappointed.

Q: Is Café Atlanta an actual café?

A: No. The name comes from the concept of turning the entire city of Atlanta into our personal café by meeting in various venues, theatres, parks, galleries and other great social environments.

Q: Is CATL and Café Atlanta the same group?

A: Yes. CATL is an acronym for Café Atlanta.

Q: How do I post to the CATL Message Board / Forum?

A: There are two ways to post to the forum/message board. One way is to simply send your message to and it will be distributed to other member’s emails and to the Yahoo message board which can be viewed at:

Message Board / Forum:

Q: Is there a place where members can submit their art and website?

A: Yes. There are pages on the Yahoo! site where you can submit digital files of your work (.jpegs, .docs, and other media files). Even note pad files with poems are encouraged. There is also a Links page where you can submit bookmarks. There you can add your portfolio, band, or even gallery site and description.

Files Page

Q: Are there ever unofficial CATL meetings?

A: Occasionally we may have unofficial socials called "Get Togethers'. These are meetings that are arranged by the members and will not be added to the CATL calendar. If you have any ideas about future Get Togethers post them on the CATL message board as soon as possible so that we (other members) may collaborate on the planning of this idea. If you would like to attend CATL Get Togethers check the CATL message board (or check your messages) regularly for posts related to unofficial meetings (Unofficial meetings are normally NOT accompanied by “Special Notices” from the CATL moderators so it will be up to you to stay informed on the latest Get Togethers.).

Q: Where can I send suggestions or questions about Café Atlanta?

A: Please send any questions, comments, or suggestions to: .




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